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Overview of Game

To survive you need to be playing your best game. A natural leader is what you are being described as in the game that is a protagonist character. As this game allows you to upgrade and defend your refugees. An action, strategy and role playing game Fade to Silence was released for steam first then for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh Operating System on 14th of December 2017. The game explores a 10 km square huge map heavily focused on the open world letting your explore and survive on this huge map while facing multiple challenges.

Fade to Silence Gameplay Trailer

Fade to Silence Gameplay

The hints with in the game raise tension among the players. The Fade to Silence is an survival game which offers a set of game conditions with not the top Graphics but enough graphics that support the complete theme. The bargains in the game and blessings allows you to save time while the exploration modes get you involved in the game. To win the game you have to place your best cards out and push the exact buttons required he hostile or hard towards but make sure it is the important part. The mechanics of the game are managed on a half addictive base management system offering a horror story along with survival for you to get involved with. The feeling of I against all the wilderness is what you may experience in the game so get into this atmosphere and start playing.

The resources are a bit rare and this makes the game a core survival game a bit hard to survive. These resources can be attained easily if you go out and struggle in the open world but remember there are enemies lurking outside. To increase your team rate you can use the option to gather and recruit new members and use the main features like scouting in order to claim the hostile corruption as well as yourself. Savage through the huge 10 km map and gather the resources all the while leaving salvaged but don’t throw it, you can gain multiple followers with the right skills and remove used resources also can reject the followers in order to obtain more resources.

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Fade to Silence System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7(64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5
RAM: 12 GB
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
Free Disk Space: 30 GB


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