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Games with plain and simple action can be boring, the thing that brings out more character into a game is the back story, if a game is backed with a strong and interesting story it is more preferred by the users. Factorio is a highly fascinating game that is going to be published on 24th September 2020. Factorio is developed by Prague-based and it is a simulation game. The graphics of this game are high quality which efficiently brings the game scenarios to life. This game is multi-action as well as a single player, both modes can be used as per convenience.

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In Factorio, there are engineers that have accidently landed on an alien planet, and now they have to survive there using all their abilities. In this game, the players have to work hard in order to protect themselves against the aliens as well as build themselves a shelter. To upgrade themselves, the players have to strive hard to earn more and more virtual money. This virtual money helps in efficient upgrades during the game. This game gives a perfect platform to connect with other online users. The graphics of this game are amazing as they efficiently integrate the realistic visuals.

If you find it hard to play games that only involve action and challenges, you should definitely try Factorio. Factorio is an interesting game that is developed with expertise to induce user inference. The graphics of this game are astonishing as it helps in creating an atmosphere that differs from reality. The controls of Factorio are customizable which means users can modify the controls to simplify it according to their comfort. This game is available for free with a storyline like no other. The uniqueness of this game lies in its plot and efficient features that are crafted perfectly for the user’s advantage.

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Factorio System Requirements

Operating System: Need windows 7(64-bit) or more
Processor: Dual Core i3
RAM: need 2 GB RAM
Graphics Card: Graphics card with 512MB Video Memory
Free Disk Space: Need 2 GB Space


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