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Overview of Game

When there is life there are challenges that you have to deal on a every day basis. Similarly, Emergency 2017 is simulation game of the Emergency Series brought together by German Developers. Designed in a creative way in which you have to control all the emergencies thrown your way. You have to encounter medical emergencies as well as crime situations and also other fictional emergencies and win the game.

Emergency 2017 Gameplay Trailer

Emergency 2017 Gameplay

Emergency 2016 was campaigned in the middle ages while Emergency 2017 is the new version of this game. The RTS (Real time Strategy) in the game allows you to have a realistic gameplay. The left side of your mouse allows you to select units while the right one selects the movements in the emergencies. You are the single player attending to all the emergencies happening around you as you progress, the difficulties and challenges gets higher and the missions get extremely hard and demanding.

Go back into the 17th Century Hamburg and save all the citizens including yourself from the angry policemen. Save the injured citizens by mending their wounds as a result of bombs and terrorist activities in the country. Face these unwanted situations happening in the metropolises like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and more. This is a cooperative multiplayer game that can be played online with your friends as you can design your own customized Emergency and work on it together, side by side with your friends through an online connection. Give commands over to the fire brigades, ambulances, relief forces or rescue services by commanding more than 20 vehicles used for these sources. Become the best emergency manager and take your fellow citizens as well as yourself out from such a pandemic by solving and helping in the emergencies.

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Emergency 2017 System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7(64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3
RAM: Need 6 GB RAM
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 550 Ti
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0


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