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Game Overview

Have you ever wanted to be a leader of a crime empire or more specifically a drug dealing leader without having to face any moral or legal consequences or going to the jail? If your answer is yes! Then simulate your dreams on your PC so that you can easily skip into the dark alleys and abandoned houses and parking lots to finally start your drug dealing empire. You will start small just like you would have done in the real life and then with proper dealings and contracts grow it out in front of your eyes into a big empire!

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Drug Dealer Simulator Gameplay

Start your journey in a small dirty hideout away from all and from there make your way up to be the best, controlling and devilish Mafia Boss by hiring your own minions to work under your and doing dangerous business. Become one of a kind ruthless Mafia gangster or begin your own street business from scratch all depends on how you deal and play the cards set out on the table.

But remember nothing is easy in this world even if you simulate it! So stay aware of the enemies lurking on every edge of the streets while police patrolling every inch to get you on your single slip up. You can get back the smuggled merchandise from outside cartels, organize your hideouts strategically and start your business slow and steadily by avoiding police at all costs. You have to options, either sell small amounts of drugs to small and individual clients or do high end huge deals with other gangs. Be careful how to play the cards because if you screw up you might just get caught so live long enough avoiding all the hassles to spend your fortune to grow your gang, buy new equipment’s or to hire some more minions to run errands for you as it is always said that the brave ones rule the world so become one and lead your gang through it!

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Drug Dealer Simulator System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7(64-bit)
RAM: 8 GB RAM Required
CPU: Intel Core i3
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 780 GTX
Free Disk Space; 15 GB


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