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Overview of game


Dragon Storm is an action game that includes RPG elements, where players face hundreds of enemies with only their fingers. The combat system used in Dragon Storm is very simple The main character sits at the center of the display as the enemies come at the player from all sides. If they are sufficiently close, they can move your finger toward them to attack their weapon, and eliminate them from the battle.

It’s always the case that nothing is as simple as it appears. When playing Dragon Storm there are many enemies however only the first ones are simple to defeat. In the near future, you’ll face opponents who will attempt to fool them as they come closer and withstand numerous punches and enemies who shoot arrows at far distances. Fortunately, your character comes with special abilities that recharge each time.

Between games, players can purchase more advanced equipment, such as weapons and swords. Additionally, you can gain new characters which can be used against your foes. Dragon Storm is a 2D action game that has simple gameplay. It’s enjoyable, addictive, and features stunning graphics. The most appealing thing about it is that you can play games that last just one or two minutes, that you can play again at a later date.

If the Spellforce Universe pack (which included the first and its expansions) was an uneasy obligation, Steam subscribers can now buy the sequels for the less expensive price of just $30.This is an appealing offer It’s an expert blend of resource management strategy games and hero-equipping RPG game mechanics.

Dragon Storm Gameplay Trailer

Dragon Storm Gameplay

Hero units can take over towns to create smaller units that are then distributed to die. Both games are worth the money, though the expansion pack isn’t adding any value in the way of text for spellbooks (fnar, Fnar) and accents are usually terrible, However, if you’re interested, I’d highly recommend the boxed version of the Spellforce Universe pack. Although it’s five dollars higher price, this more robust pack is readily available on online retailers at a lower cost.

Steam provides (don’t forget that they charge the VAT) and you can get the complete game as well as two expansions. If you’re looking to save money, avoid Steam. If you’ve found yourself in a position that you have to install the game DRAGON STORM FANTASY on your PC, you don’t have to be concerned. We have Bluestacks in our ranks! the best Android emulator that is available and through which you can play almost any game or application on Android on your PC.

The android platform on your personal computer. Bluestacks is one of the strongest. potent ANDROID SYSTEM EMULATOR on the market and is well-known on the planet. It was initially able to only be installed on Windows operating systems, however today it is possible to use and install it on other systems WINDOWS AND MAC without a problem. With the Bluestacks software, we are able to install Android games and apps onto our PC in full screen, as if we were playing it on the phone.

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Dragon Storm System Requirements

* Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
* OS: Windows 7/ 8/ 10
* Processor: Dual Core 2.0GHz or equivalent processor
* Memory: 2 GB RAM
* Graphics: Direct X11 compliant video card with 512MB-RAM and 192 bit or 256 bit
* Storage: 1000 MB available space



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