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Overview of Game


Being a kid were you inspired by the dragons? If you were then this top trending role playing action game is for you that has no age restriction and is loved by everyone. Dragon Quest II can be played on different gadgets or forums that include Play Stations, MS Windows, Nintendo Switch, Mac OS and more. This game was published in Japan in May 2016 and around the world it was published in April 2017 developed and launched by Omega Force and Square Enix, respectively.

Dragon Quest Heroes ii Gameplay Trailer

Dragon Quest Heroes II Gameplay

This role playing game brings you the roles of Teresa or Lazarel, you can take your pick from the two. This pair is peaceful before the attacks and grows out along the levels you pass through. There are other characters too in the game that shows up as heroes having their own set of weapons. With the long list of modes, this game allows the gamers to explore the new and extra features.

Select the multiplayer mission and a common ground to communicate, work together with other players to find a map. Data saver option lets you play the game for hours all the while saving your data. Select a weapon for your character from the 14 weapons given to you, kill the enemies (in this case monsters) and to boost your health physically and mentally, eat meals, play games either cook or just eat to relax within the game and get better health to fight the monsters. Select the best weapon either the long sword or others as your foes are not easy, they put a great fight before you can even scratch their body so to kill those monsters you need the best health and the best weapon to be successful in your mission.

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Dragon Quest Heroes ii System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7(64-bit)
Processor: Need Intel Core i7 or more
Graphics Card:  NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450
Free Disk Space: 40 GB Disk Space


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