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Overview of game

Performing this will supply a fast and straightforward technique right into the bank without the must expect drills. The quiet 1st Payday Item pack DLC extends on the number of colors accessible for application along with the new item shade system. It also offers additional masks plus one tape that links Vlad and his participation with the Dentist. The gang does not ruin the tape as requested by Locke, but rather they are aware of it in one of the bathrooms at their safehouse. Locke will frequently plague the gang about finding the safe regardless of whether they entered through punching a door, so finding it completely unnecessary.

This heist contains the meat of The Creature’s drill which is more unusual for this crew considering that the Big Bank Heist. Hitting one on your RFID devices purposefully will be more challenging compared to previously, as their placement within the meeting area will change each time you’re successful. This can be hard on some heists so ensure to have a reliable stock of these items if you do some work for this specific crew!

When you've gotten rid of your wires, go back to the now-open door with your RFID readers, and find some scrap paper on one side with the writing "NAME HERE" scrawled across it. If it holds, then congratulations - you're now an official employee of The (Insert Name Here)! Locke continues to pester the group, causing tension amongst the members of the team. Some areas will have power boxes with more than one number, or even none at all! When purchasing the explosives, make sure you collect all of them in the mechanic’s shop as it is very close to the bank.



If you place them in the plaza, you take a chance of getting detected by civilians or cops specifically if the mariachi band that is supposed to distract them has been purchased previously. The safe will be hidden on a bookshelf in the supervisor’s office which is located in the middle back of the upper floor. Each computer system was inspected for the lowest market price, which is generally more cost-effective. Consumer Reports' experts run a software program on each purchased model, which checks a lot of different factors to see if it can play a certain PC game without any issues.

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A new weapon modification system is available in PAYDAY 2 with this update. Gamers can now choose between numerous design styles that will change parts of the gun, such as the muzzle or the handle, by choosing a color design idea for each part that they want to be changed. Here are several photos that demonstrate how a number of these weapon designs will work with specific weapons.

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