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Are you one of those who love it when their adrenaline rush is at their maximum? If you fall in the same category then you are going to have this nerve wrecking yet satisfying game.  Dirt rally 2,0 is the second part of the dirt rally which is even more exciting. This game was released on 22th February 2019 by the game developer Codemasters. This game was specifically released for Xbox one, Windows XP and PlayStation 4.  This game is one of the highest ranking amongst the dirt games and it has multi-action game play which means you can enjoy it along with your close group of friends.

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The primary game plan of this specific game is based upon racing, you can make your car run across the territorial and barren land. You have to strive hard in making sure that you are winning the race. You have to survive harsh weather conditions, you also get to design the logo and use high-quality breaks. This game represents a handful of countries such as Australia, America, Spain, Poland and New Zealand. You can customize some of the elements in your car and acquire professional help in case of any car malfunctioning. There are a total of 50 cars including BMW and Skoda to choose from. You have to aim at the winning spot and push against the accelerator to be the first.

If you love games that are challenging and keep you on your toes throughout, Dirt rally should be right up your ally. This game has exciting features and a lot of variety to keep you engaged for longer. There are also a variety of high-end cars that you also can customize according to your liking. Download this game now, and enjoy!

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Dirt Rally 2.0 Game System Requirements

CPU: AMD FX4300 or Intel Core i3 2130
Memory: 8 GB
Operating System: 64bit versions of Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10
Video card: AMD HD7750
Free disk space: 50 GB
Dedicated Video RAM: 1024 MB


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