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Overview of game

It’s a complete offline installer standalone installation of Dezzan compatible versions that runs on Windows PC. Game was tested and installed manually prior to it being uploaded by the staff at our office. it’s fully operational without issues.In Dezzan you’ll test your skills while completing quests in various settings. In addition to hundreds of traps, you’ll encounter a variety of enemies along your journey.

Be prepared, and develop your ability to think, react, ability, and strength when you need to, using various weaponsA rare mix of shooter and puzzle. The player must manage the brutal and extremely cool character, however his awesomeness must be demonstrated not only in speed of reaction and accuracy, but also in solving various puzzles.In the beginning, let’s talk about puzzles.

These aren’t riddles for which you must search for different objects, and then solve the most difficult existential issues. The process is simpler in principle, but it is more difficult to implement. Local puzzles test the ability of the player to make rapid decisions in a hazardous environment. This is most evident in the ability to stay alive after encountering different traps. The traps are depicted by pressure plates, spiked balls suspended from the ceiling stakes, saws that are hot red as well as swinging sledge hammers and other such.

Dezzan Gameplay Trailer

Dezzan Gameplay

. To escape these traps, players must analyze the situation at rapidity, identify loopholes, and then correctly determine the best time to take.The other element of the game are monsters. An arsenal of a variety is at your disposal to defeat them as well as they are both varied and tough. Luckily, the protagonist is equipped with an impressive arsenal that can eliminate these creatures.

However, keep in your mind that the game will not allow for mistakes. Every cartridge is counted and it’s not recommended to aim your gun into the bright white light.It may appear to be some sort of analogy to a laboratory or a show on TV for criminals. However, the environment changes with each episode when their characters and the tasks assigned to the participant change.

You can select the playthrough type that you prefer for each stage.A leaderboard is also available for those who like to record-breaking.You can complete the quests faster than the other players, and you will earn your honorary place.Be part of the development.We take note of the suggestions and will try to incorporate them into the game and in the coming updates, we’ll provide each player with the chance to make their own levels and fight with their friends in the cooperative mode.

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Dezzan System Requirements

* Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
* OS: Windows 7
* Processor: Intel Core i3
* Memory: 4 GB RAM
* Graphics: NVidia Geforce GTX 660 / equivalent AMD Radeon
* Storage: 5 GB available space


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