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Overview of Game

Do you want to experience the world where the machines that you created yourself are smarter than you? Or want to experience battles and competitions between the machines and humans? If you want to do something like this then simply start playing Detroit become human game. This is an action adventure strategy game developed by the Quantic Dream and is published for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows in 2018 and 2019, respectively supporting various languages. This is a role playing game following three android plots where you can play by selecting the three characters Kara, Connor and Markus. The game setting takes place in Detroit Michigan.

Detroit Become Human Gameplay Trailer

Detroit Become Human Gameplay

This game is set in the Motor city in the upcoming years of 2038. Advanced technology has now been converted into a society and is not a talk of the news anymore, the androids are now ruling the place of humans, becoming smarter and taking over the world. The humans in the world and various departments have been replaced by these droids that are hired to help and do tasks of the humans like cleaning the streets, taking care of the infants and more. Kara is an android who is responsible for such activities.

While Connor and Markus work in the police and other departments to help the humans as well as to take action when something wrong is done with the androids. This third person game has timely events occurring in it which requires you to make abrupt choices and decisions that distort the story line altogether depending on the decisions you make. Select whichever character you want and play the story. The choice of character does not affect the gameplay but the decisions you make using those characters is what changes the game completely.

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Detroit Become Human System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 8(64-bit) and more
RAM: minimum of 8 GB RAM required
Processor: Intel Core i5
Graphics Card: 3 GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 780
Free Disk Space: Need 8 Gb Free Disk Space


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