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Overview of Game

The zombies are spreading in the world attacking the human kind, Dead Rising is a series of such creatures rising from the dark. Dead rising portrays a series of open world survival modes and horror action adventure game created by Keiji Inafune, developed by Capcom Vancouver and was published on 8th of August 2006 and has a selling value of more than 13 million units worldwide.

Dead Rising Gameplay Trailer

Dead Rising Gameplay

Dead Rising a game featuring a series of open world horror filled survival games following zombie invasion. In this role playing game you are Frank West and Willamette Mall is swarmed with the creatures risen from the dark. You take up the challenge to investigate the mystery surrounding the Willamette mall following a series of events in this single player game packed with action and adventure.

You being the freelance photojournalist have to take forward your investigation in the huge environments installed in the game either search outdoors or indoors, along with it kill the group of enemies coming all at once upon you on your screen with the new swarm technology building realistic action. Everything in the mall can be used by you, so roam around and set items to survive the attacks and kill the enemies. Build up weapons and equipment’s using the resources within the mall and outside it up to your advantage and kill the zombies to survive yourself. Push the umbrellas in the door handle of the mall or a shop to keep the walking dead away from you and to survive till you can get the last thread of the mystery.  Use your skills in the real time system to solve the mystery and become the best journalist as well as humanity savior for the mankind.

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