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Overview of Game

Developed by Red Hook Studios, Darkest Dungeon features a first-person role playing video game. This was released for the platforms like MS Windows, IOS, OS x and more in January 2016 following a early pre release on 3rd February 2015 by the Merge Games. This game is rouge like game featuring many challenges for you to play. Build a strong army of flawed heroes by training them according to your needs. And get involved in the game to win your Ancestor’s property back with tactics and skills of your own.

Darkest Dungeon Gameplay Trailer

Darkest Dungeon Gameplay

Featuring a huge amount of psychological stresses due to adventuring, Darkest Dungeon brings a challenging yet gothic style role playing game. The challenge for your character is to get your Ancestor’s Estate back from your foes. The steps are simple, recruit, train and lead your team to fight battles and win back your land!, Though it us not too simple.

The game includes a series of locations including twisted forests, ruined crypts, long lost warrens and the list goes on. The main challenge is not to battle with your enemies but to fight off psychological stresses including stress, hunger, disease and beyond to survive these times and situations of dark. Fight off fear, paranoia, stress with the best affliction system offered in the game, select your heroes from 16 playable characters given to you either be a doctor, plague, leper or more. Rest in Tavern or Abbey to keep stress at levels to low, get involved in the game through the narration system to announce your wins and failures. You can camp around the forest and other areas to heal wounds of your own or your team members and deliver inspiring speeches to build motivation among your team members and to get back your estate!

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Darkest Dungeon Game System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7(64-bit)
RAM: 2 GB RAM Requirements
Graphics Card: Open GL 3.2+ Compliant
Free Disk Space: 2 GB SPace Required
Processor: intel core i3


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