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Overview of Game

Cyber Hunter PC game is a very fun and interesting game for all those gamers who also love pubg and fortnite. This game is quite relevant to the pubg but still it has a lot of differences. It also resembles the structuring of fortnite where the players have to create themselves buildings and shelters to survive.

It is a game especially designed for the PC so that the players can play it with their own comfort. They can make the keyboard or the mouse the basic control and thus, start playing the game. It is a game you can play alone as well as in the form of groups with your friends.

The main target is to kill all the enemies and the people who are chasing you. The players also like to play this game because of its amazing features. The features are quite really supportive for the new and beginner players of this game.

Usually, in order to play a fighter game a person has to be very active and professional in them. But, in this game the person only needs to know the technique and basic strategies to kill all the enemies and survive alone till the end. It is the only criteria of this game in order to win the different levels and earn reward. The reward is given in the form of money which players can utilize in buying different weapons, costumes or unlocking several brilliant features of this game. The gameplay of this game is even more interesting.

Cyber Hunter Gameplay Trailer

Cyber Hunter Gameplay

This game is based upon a plot that is interesting, yet full of suspense. This game is all about having a lot of enemies from which you need to run away. You are given a wide variety of weapons that you could use to kill them and survive.

It allows you to either play alone, or build a team with your friends to play against the enemies. In this way your powers become doubled and you find it easier to kill all the enemies. There is an option of building the home and shelter wherever and whenever you’re required, because by doing so you will be able to escape the enemies very easily.

The main and ultimate goal is to stay alive and survive successfully at the end of the game. Remember, that if you get shot in the beginning or in the middle of the game, you are already going to be out and thus you will fail the level that you of course can start again.

This game is available for free downloads except the in-app purchases that the players have to make to unlock the locked features and accessories. However, these in-app purchases could be also made with the help of reward money you earn within this game by completing the levels and different challenges. Players do not have to worry about as this game is completely safe to download without containing any security threats like viruses and malware.

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JUMP FORCE Game Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
CPU: 2.0GHz Intel Dual core processor or later.
Setup Size: 1.6MB


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