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Just like famous EU developers have made a game for soccer lovers, they have also developed an amazing FIFA quality game for cricket lovers. Cricket 07 is perfect for all those people who have a deep interest in cricket. This game has a plethora of mods to keep its players entertained.

There is a particular mod in this game where you can select the range of your overs. This mod has gotten the attraction of most of the cricket lovers. High quality and international level stadiums have been combined in this game. So, if you have only seen cricketers playing in such huge and famous stadiums on TV, now you can witness it with your own bare eyes.

How amazing it must be to be playing in one of the famous and biggest cricket stadiums in the world. It is a PC game so you can only play it on your personal computers. If you have always wanted to experience playing cricket, you can do it now by downloading this game.

It is a highly thrilling game and it will definitely make its players feel like as if they are in an actual stadium, playing cricket in front of thousands and thousands of people. The graphics of this game are based upon 3D dimensions which adds value to its realism. Cricket 07 is considered to be the first few game that was based upon cricket hence, it is sometimes known as firstborn cricket game in the market.

Cricket 07 Gameplay Trailer

Cricket 07 Gameplay

One of the most amazing features of this game is that you can manage the weather all by yourself. If you want to play in a bright sunny day, you can do it and if you want to play in a cloudy windy day, you can do that as well. You can also build your own team.

This game has all the matches and tournaments that you usually hear about in real life. You can take part in those matches and showcase your cricket skills to the whole world. There is also a number of teams included in it to play with. You can begin a match with any of your preferred team.

This game is not multiplayer therefore, you cannot invite your friends and family in it. You can also design your team’s uniform which is a bonus point. What makes this game even more realistic is the background commentary. The developers have made sure that each and every thing is covered to make their players feel like they are playing an actual cricket game.

You cannot only play local tournaments but, you can also have international level matches and competitions. This game is loved by all crazy cricket fans. It is a full-fledged cricket game with all the necessities that one needs in a cricket game. So if you are a crazy cricket lover, you should definitely download this game and get a chance to play cricket match in one of the famous stadiums of the world.

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Cricket 07 System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
CPU: 2.0GHz Intel Pentium 4 or later.
RAM: 512MB
Hard Disc: 1.5GB
Free Disk Space: 17 GB Space


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