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Overview of Game

Terrorism has always been in the world whether on small scale or large scale. Do you want to become a part of the anti-terrorist agency and fight off such crimes? If yes, then Counter Terrorist Agency, a strategic game filled power, administration and more is what you need right at this moment. This game is published on Microsoft Windows and Macintosh Operating Systems by Games Operators and Play Way. This game was released on 5th of October 2019 and is developed by Play2Chill.

Gameplay Trailer

Counter Terrorist Agency Gameplay

CTA is a game where you get a chance to roam all around the world as you get a chance to participate in the antiterrorism agency to counter the international terrorism and to prevent these terrorist attacks from happening all around the world. The key of Counter terrorist agency is to keep an open eye on the terrorist activities being happening and to look out for who the teams, groups and agencies are that are responsible for such attacks. There are several groups playing a part in these activities so investigate thoroughly to get all the details regarding these situations. Use the modern and advanced invigilation techniques as well as find out connections between certain attacks and groups.

Then the interrogation starts where you have to interrogate the accused and then the last work for you is to minimize and abolish the coercions and then pull apart the terrorist groups as well as their set-ups. Produce these results and go on top in the game without wasting any time. The twists and turns in the game depend on your decision making, the actions you take reflect back through the results of how much the terrorist activity has decreased or increased. With the amazing graphics and an impression that leaves the oppressors in fear, create such arrangements that benefit you socially as well as politically and alongside kills and destroys the threatening groups all around the world.

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System Requirements

Operating System: Need Windows 7(64-bit)
Processor: Need Intel i3 or more
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6870
Free Disk Space: 2 GB Space Requires


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