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CS is available on every PC, Mobile, Laptop and every where. This is the almost the first ever shooting game that a person has played. Counter Strike Source is a shooting game that is developed by the Turtle Rock Studios and Valve. This game is published by the Nexon for the platforms like Microsoft Windows in November 2004. This game is played against a group of terrorists attacking you that you have to fight off either with or without your group mates.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Gameplay Trailer

Counter-Strike Source Gameplay

This first person shooting game is loved and played by thousands of players all around the world. If you want to play this masterpiece then you have to take training in order to experience this game fully. Many of the Counter Strike Source players have now moved to the Counter Strike Go platform in order to look for the better designs. But despite the old designs and other things, the Counter Strike Source still holds its appeal to the audience and is readily available to be played by everyone who wants to experience this interesting gameplay as well as the amazing shooting game.

If you want to experience a best shooting gaming experience then Counter Strike Source is the best option as this game contains everything that you wanted in a shooting arena game. There are multiple modes in the game where you can team up with your friends to fight against the opponents or can single handedly go in the war zone with your gear and astonishing weapons like rifle, guns and more and fight off the enemies. However, if you do not want to play the online version against the real players you get a chance to play solely and advance your skills in the offline version of the Counter Strike Source while playing with the robots in the game. Hence, making you the expert of the game.

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