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Overview of Game

The Constructor is a simulation video game designed to be played with strategy which was launched in 1997. This game was initially release for MS DOS but after some time this was launched for a numerous amount of platforms like MS Windows, PS 4, Macintosh Operating Systems and more. A real time strategy simulation game developed by Acclaim Entertainment to bring out the business tycoon in you.

Constructor Gameplay Trailer

Constructor Gameplay

To rise to the top you have to take few other down as not everyone can stay at top. You have to need every trick from the book where it revolves around engaging in workplace accidents, deal and tricks to become a millionaire tycoon from a slumlord having nothing. In this game take on the role of a property tycoon blooming and growing in the city who should compete with his competitors to build a profitable and successful city. Build factories, houses and handle the unpleasant demands of your tenants while keeping even the undesirable characters and events under control. Try to cope up with disasters and catastrophic effects to keep your state going.

To learn the basic concepts and to build your first property, take help from the interactive tutorial at start of the game. Play six free scenarios to test your skills and abilities frim handling finances to controlling building and controlling your own estate. Explore five different locations consisting of countryside, towns, tropical jungles and more. Use law enforcement to protect your investments from the foes if law fails you then take up help from Mafia gangs and Mobs. Populate your town with six choices of super tenants and a huge range of tenants having multiple unique personalities. Decorate your town, protect it and play online multiplayer conquests with your friends in a group of three people to take forward your colony.

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Constructor System Requirement

Operating System: Windows 7,8 or more
Processor: Intel Core i3
RAM: 4 GB RAM Required
Graphics Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
Free Disk Space: 10 GB Space Required


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