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Overview of game

Combat Force is a first-person shooter that is stripped to the core, offering a thrilling zombie-themed experience that includes the ability to play in night and day Power-ups, unlockables and power-ups Easter eggs, quests zombie-themed variants, and lots of fun! Combat Force is an action, adventure, strategy, and simulation game created by Matt Sowards as well as HaDe Games. Combat Force is available on PC.

The game is available for purchase through Steam. It was made by Enzo G. Castellari. Detto Mariano composed the music for the game. Combat Force is a zombie shooter where players can expect a variety of options, including a cycle of night and day, in addition to the chance to explore an open world with different contents. The game continues to raise funds to develop the game this implies that the game’s gameplay isn’t completely created.

In fact, even in its early stages, it is plagued by several issues and a few flaws. Thus some of the most common issues are lags, transforming characters into textures, and sometimes overpowering zombies that simply could not be defeated in any way with any weapon.

Combat Force CODEX Gameplay Trailer

Combat Force CODEX Gameplay

There were also frequent online disappearances, no appearance within the game’s world shooting and running weren’t optimized. In terms of gameplay and graphics, everything is perfect. There is only one thing to do: ensure that the game is prepared properly to launch fully, and in the event that this is not possible then there are always add-ons or DLC, updates, and so on. They are bound to arrive soon.

We’re hoping that they’ll be available for free. Offers to participate in a fierce battle between zombies and humans. This is a first-person shooter. The enemy is deadly and blood-sucking. The force fighting them must be redirected to be able to defeat the army of zombies. The game offers two different phases that are night and day. This is all accompanied by gains, unlocks, quests and locks. Naturally, in different situations, the enemy can behave differently, and you must change your tactics.

The creators have attempted to make the game more diverse. The game takes place in an expansive open world, where there is trouble to suit every type of player. It is because you are required to be able to observe everything happening through your eyes and not through the shoulder of the character that allows you to get a better understanding of what’s happening.

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Combat Force CODEX System Requirements

* Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
* OS: Windows 7 or Higher
* Processor: Intel i5 760
* Memory: 8 GB RAM
* Graphics: Nvidia GTX 460
* Storage: 16 GB available space


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