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Overview of Game

To play Cold Waters you do not need to have any prior knowledge regarding the submarines, ships or water forces. This game is a successor of the previously made game Red Storm Ring inspired by a novel of the same name by the author Tom Clancy in 1988. This game was designed for the PC gamers to experience a life of  a person living on cold waters. Focus and strike a huge range of missiles and escape your enemies silently while destroying them simultaneously.

Cold Waters Gameplay Trailer

Cold waters Gameplay

Flee at high speed shooting your enemies ships and winning the battles on the cold waters. Portraying the concept of the novel Red Storm Rising, Cold Waters showcases a story line of its own. The theme is to track down a Soviet landing force bound to be at Iceland and simultaneously plan the attacks to get your win before the enemy destroys you. Intercept convoys, landings of various ships and submarines, insertion of missions and battle them out with the opponents war ships, submarines and more. Take help from SEAL team, cruise missiles, wire guided torpedoes, to keep all the attacks at bay.

Experience the real time naval forces combats containing a huge range of ships and submarines. There are more than 40 ships and submarines featured with in the game that are used by real time water forces to keep an eye on the changing cold waters. Perform well in this dynamic campaign as your performance will be judge of your results in the battle. Use authentic Soviet combat tactics and knowledge along with the real time sonar models for your advantage and try to survive the cold waters till the end of the never ending battles taking place.

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Cold Waters System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7(64-bit)
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 510
Processor: Intel Core i3
Hard Disk Space: Required 4 GB Disk Space


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