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Overview of Game

Who does not love the never ending games filled with building simulation where you can construct your own fav city however it suits you? Well every one loves such opportunities so here is Cities XXL a city building game developed specially to fulfill your desires. This game is developed and published the Focus Home Interactive producing a sequel to the previous Cities XL game with enhanced features and gameplay. This game was launched all around the world on 5th February 2015 for the gamers of the Windows platform. This is a single player video game that require you to design, construct, manage and beautify cities all by yourself.

Cities XXL Game Trailer

Cities XXL Gameplay

If you missed the last four version of Cities then you don’t have to worry this City XXL is one of the best, easiest city building game containing the whole planet which means a huge map awaiting you to design and construct on it. Cities in the Cities XXL are constructed in three ways. Those ways include the residential plats that further include four different social classes that can reside skilled and unskilled laborers, officers and oligarchs. The next type is the commercial plots where you build food markets, cloth markets and more to provide jobs for the labors and the last ones are the industrial plots where you build industries to provide the items to the shops and to your citizens houses. Before you build a city you have to decide beforehand about the class that will be living there permanently. The players of Cities XXL can create a variety of road network for their cities and enhance those by including bridges, tunnels and various transportation means like ferry, bus, metros and trains.

Use the simple tools to create your city but since you have to plan and build your own city, it is not easy at all. The complexities will make this game challenging but you can decide how long or complex you want it to be and can set it a per your choice.

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Cities XXL Game System Requirements

RAM : 3 GB
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 5670
CPU: Intel CORE 2.5 GHz
Storage Space: 8 GB
OS: Windows vista/7/8
Sound: DirectX compatible


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