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Overview of game

Castleguard – First-person shooter set in a medieval setting. You play as a castle guard with the task of destroying the large number of bandits who have invaded the city, each with different levels of strength. The concept of permanent death remains in this game. If you die once then you will be presented with a screen that encourages you to restart. You act as a lone warrior in the battle against an entire battalion.

Choose the most efficient weapon, then choose your strategy to deal with the enemy forces efficiently. Don’t get overconfident though – if you’re thrown off guard at any point, you won’t stand a chance! Try not to get cornered and most importantly of all, keep your focus for you are truly outnumbered! There are many different ways to approach your enemies.

You can surprise them by attacking them directly, utilize long-range attacks, or try for a more delicate attack by sneaking into their castle to take out unsuspecting foes. Given that you’re invested in survival, you should pay close attention to the behavior and actions of the guards. Only an astute plan of attack will help you leave your foes behind safely as possible! Castlegar is a dangerous place where anyone would want to take up arms against an army but good luck soldier!

CastleGuard Gameplay Trailer

CastleGuard Gameplay

To increase the strength of your castle guards, higher amounts of dough are required. The times in between attacks lower, consequently increasing our chances to escalate in defense towards the enemy. What we do accomplish in regards to what we shell out and it is shielded and secure and shielded and ensured? This is an enchanting internet site. The spots belong in the US along with other nations.

Defeat your enemies with an extensive arsenal of weapons, let us introduce you to this strategic game for all ages. But beware, there are many opposing forces in front of you, so choose your tactic wisely if you don’t want to become another player casualty! The perfect candidate has a few small spots or fingernail dimples on the jacket’s surface. All of this is, of course, preferable to a piece that is completely deficient in these areas.

A dry run will show either nearly no damage at all or a somewhat minimal amount of damage if it does appear, and either way, the condition can be noticed by looking at the sample closely. The worst possible situation you’d run into would be buying a back cover with areas that have been punched through during production/print, but since we always carefully inspect our product upon delivery from the factory/printing shop before reselling it in-store that is extremely unlikely. As in this case here in my hand, I am holding a brand new copy in shrinkwrap!

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CastleGuard System Requirements

* DirectX: Version 11
* OS: Windows 7 or above
* Memory: 4 GB RAM
* Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7870 (2GB) or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (2GB)
* Processor: Intel Core i3-4370 3.8GHz or AMD Ryzen 3 1200 3,1GHz
* Storage: 10 GB available space


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