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Overview of game

This game simply brings something fresh to the table. It’s not like any other game on Steam. From graphic to gameplay, it’s so different. I had $60 of games installed on my new PC before remembering about this game which had been on my mind for months. So I uninstalled the first $20 worth of games and ran straight home to download it.

Install took just a couple mins and that was that! Couldn’t believe how easy it was! So at $10, you’re getting more than just value for money here, you’re getting an awesome experience that’ll sure entice you back over and over like I’ve done with games like Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS GO) or Dota 2 (the two most addicting games ever!)A first-person horror movie set in an old, haunted hospital.

At the core of the game is a thrilling story told through exploration and environmental storytelling which you must navigate with an intriguing premise of rescuing your sister by befriending both trustworthy allies and frightening enemies within this haunting environment.

Blood Relation Part1 Trailer

Blood Relation Part1 Gameplay

Part1 is a kind of game where you walk around in dark rooms while hiding from things. You cannot fight these creatures, so you’ll need to sneak past them, hide within other objects, run away when it’s safe, and otherwise move around so as not to be seen by the monsters. Solve dozens of puzzles or find notes or magazines that help explain what happened here. I’m sure this will explain some plot details along the way because that seems to be how this designer likes to do things.

The only available flashlight from which you need to look for batteries that are quickly discharged can be found in the equipment room. This challenge is a race against time though, because the player must complete their task before the sister dies.

It’s important to note that there isn’t much time so it is necessary to make decisions quickly and act to complete the mission. If you want to have a possibility of completing this challenge, you will need to search for 12 special dolls throughout the hospital where they also come with a price, put a price on your life if you want to discover what happened behind these hospital walls. You must defeat fear and continue in discovering clues to help you be successful in completing your mission! Unravel the secrets behind the wall of this hospital. There are many untold tales here!

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Blood Relation Part1  System Requirements

  • * OS: 7
  • * Processor:  Intel i3
  • * Network: Version 9.0
  • * Storage: 7 GB available space
  • * Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 460

*  Memory: 4 GB RAM


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