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Overview of Game

Anything involving spaceships and battle field gun ships is amazing and guarantees full action with in the game. Now add some adventure to it as well as a gothic style and a large number of content and elements what makes it now? A best game! Battle fleet Gothic: Armada 2 is also similar to the description, it is an action and adventure game following the gameplay of the first version with enhanced features and more exotic fleets. This game is full of strategies similar to the space battles you may have fought in the Warhammer 40,000. Battle fleet Gothic: Armada 2 is available for the users using Xbox One and Microsoft Windows on a PC.

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 gameplay Trailer

Battle fleet Gothic: Armada 2 Gameplay

A real time tame featuring gigantic spaceships and two dimensional planes where this battle happens where the point fields are captured from every angle. Smooth controls to control your spaceship as if it was cruising in on the clouds and a supply of new features makes this game different from the previously launched versions. Explore the map and locate your foes, then unleash an unlimited amount of laser attacks from your fighter jet on them and dive into complete action mode. After the fight between you and your enemy is finished all you have to do is enjoy your spectacular moment and if you want to share it with your friends than you shall take a screenshot.

A engine similar to the BFG tons and a addition of extra content with a awesome campaign this game Battle fleet is made. The elements in the game are from the last version of Battle fleet Gothic and but with addition to custom options to adjust for your play. You can select from three different and unique campaigns not relating to each other at all. With excellent graphics, dramatically improved battles and an increase in action and thrill , this game is built. Select your fav space ship and dive into the space to kill and destroy the enemy ships by completing your tasks, quests and challenges all the while proving yourself in the battle field.

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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7(64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5
Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 660
Free Disk Space: 50 GB


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