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One of the most common and authentic genres of games is action, action games are most appreciated all over the world because of a variety of reasons such as the adrenaline rush, the steam blow off and a good pass time. However, there are many action games invented in the past decade and action game fanatics might find a variety of games similar to each other. In this time and age everybody wants something different. If you are also looking for something different in the action domain then try out Battle brothers. Battle brothers is a bandit and fantasy game in which you have to collect hefty money and fight battles. This game was published on March 24th 2017 and it was released for MS Windows only.

Battle Brothers Gameplay Trailer


Battle-Brother is a game of bandits’ and fantasy with action involved, you can use your influence to collect money and navigate through the roads. You have to create your influence and use that for your advantage, this will help you in accomplishing tasks. This game is a multi-action game play where you can use a variety of weapons to get into nasty fights. You are responsible for carrying out road clearance for 200 coins and seal the nasty hideouts. You can use your money to upgrade your shield and also use the same money for routine stuff like food and medicines.

Battle brother is a unique game with an even more distinct storyline where you are responsible for clearing out the road and enemy hideouts. In this game the players have to use their efforts in protecting and shielding themselves against the nasty warriors. This game depicts the perfect scenario of reality due to its graphics efficiency. You have to collect as much money as possible through clearance to survive daily.

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Battle Brothers Game System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7(64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3
Graphics Card: OpenGL 3.3 compatible video card
Free disk space: 2 GB


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