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Overview of game

Anew: The Distant Light – an action-adventure game set in the distant future. A 2D platformer that offers you to explore a large open world, has epic battles with various enemies, collect equipment, solve puzzles and use your intuition to find your way back home. As you progress through the fantasy world, the protagonist will better discover what it means to be a Power of Materials. It’s only by exploring that he will learn about her.

And she’ll help him collect parts for his spaceship and leave the unknown planet by repairing his beloved shuttle. In addition to repairing the spaceship, he needs to find his comrade, who disappeared in an accident. All locations are handcrafted and filled with the most surreal lifeforms.

The gameplay of Anew: The Distant Light will provide an opportunity to visit a wide variety of locations and go through many situations: Climb rocks, swim in the sea, rock climb up an alien rock wall, jump over planeloads set at varying gravity levels, etc. Some sections will allow you to control a Mach, buggy, combat shuttle and lunar landing buggies, jet pack, or another transportation device.

After you have repaired some of the damaged equipment on your ship Hope, you will have an opportunity to improve both the suit and the weapons as well as rapidly move from one location to another. This is made possible by microchips that can be found around the environment. These can be applied to make upgrades including choosing a development branch for either your weapon or movement capabilities. The gameplay experience will change based on which enhancement route you choose!

Anew The Distant Light Gameplay Trailer

Anew The Distant Light Gameplay

Explore a massive, handcrafted 2-D game world filled with diverse environments, strange life forms, puzzles, and surprises. The whole game was one big boss fight where you play as your old character (in this case Hope) beating up hordes of enemies to get back to the real world. You beat them because you’re tiny in comparison.

The heat than than than than than makes you die when it’s high, the upgrade system – just there just for selling upgrades, your home ship – left there to teleport so that the game could be easier. There are also these additional ways to avert death in form of cyber-chips which allow you to influence gameplay by making than than than than than looking different and special compared to everyone else.

The game has a semi-ethical component because you can kill people in it, but not really, because they are robots inside cyberspace. Make a crash course horror game as an attempt to get back money lost from the developer’s first project. It will be mostly user-controlled or have a little branching where you can choose what happens instead of being on rails.

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Anew The Distant Light System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • Processor: Any dual core or better CPU should perform reasonably.
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Any GPU should perform well.
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 2 GB available space


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