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Overview of game

Addle Earth – isometric action game that combines fantasy and science-fiction. Players control a team of heroic characters on the fictional planet of Uranus, each with their abilities and skills: Kit can slide under obstacles, Che can float in the air and Moses can teleport through most things. They must fight against droids with guns and swords, grapple with an aggressive monster in a dense forest, and infiltrate a city on top of trees.

Each of the heroes has unique skills. Product Managers need to study their fighters as you progress past levels both learning new abilities and watching your favorites come back stronger. Some may be strong at long distances, while others may fight in close combat or even use magical and psychic attacks and abilities. Additional mechanics include jumping, sliding, etc. The levels contain a considerable number of different puzzles.

Although you can switch between the protagonists at any time, however, this function becomes available only after the heroes meet in the story later on in development cycles. The game has a non-linear narrative style. The players are currently being questioned by a secret agent, whose identity may surprise you. The story is told via flashbacks where the characters discuss events that happened within the past of the game. Animations are hand-drawn in 2D, but the gameplay is three-dimensional. Hand-drawn levels and characters will be present in the game!

Addle Earth Gameplay Trailer

Addle Earth Gameplay

The story of Addle Earth begins with a riddle; a girl named Lily contacts Kit and has spared the world. An interviewer inquires Set regarding the events which caused this accomplishment, and she tells him about her adventure. Very soon after, the game drops us into its top-down viewpoint, and also we take control of OS2008 – The Missing Piece as she browses a tree-top world overrun with assorted floating automated adversaries.

Although the characters in this game seem three-dimensional, it appears as if they are actually only two-dimensional with an isometric camera and also a digitally repainted, vibrant art design. But Moses, another character in this game who seems to be a mix of an alien and a monkey, isn’t even real! He’s just advertising for the company that made the digital platform for this video game…Should you be at work or even somebody’s home network, one can install a program to run a check over the entire system looking for misconfigured or infected software.

All three characters possess their unique capabilities, and players will explore them within their levels. However, as they meet within the story, players will henceforth have the capacity to choose between characters while playing.

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Addle Earth System Requirements

* Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
* OS: Windows 7
* Processor: Intel Core I3
* Memory: 8 GB RAM
* Graphics: Nvidia GTX 920
* Storage: 10 GB available space


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