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Overview of Game

60 seconds that means a single minute that can change your whole destiny. A really short time to complete anything but the statement used for many times when you have to take at least 5 minutes. 60 seconds! Is a simulation automatic adventure video game showing a story of a man named Ted who is a family man and a simple yet responsible citizen who gets involved in some mess. This game is for different platforms for instance if you are using Android, Macintosh Operating System, Nintendo Switch, MS Windows, you can play 60 Seconds! This game was published on 25th May 2015 by the publishers and developers of the game that are Robot Gentleman.

60 Seconds! Game Trailer

60 Seconds! Gameplay

A simulation game where Ted is a family man and a responsible citizen living a happy suburban lifestyle. You are living simply with your family and abruptly there are cockroaches, your shelter is gone, there are different type of apocalypses happening all you have is 60 seconds to survive it all or you can gain those 60 seconds by using your sense of humor and getting a quick effect. There are multiple unique point of view to make the situation more real and to make an impact on the player so that he or she can get involved.

Your goal is to take Ted through a series of mishaps while keeping his family along side with him. As when everything is against you, your family is what you got! Keep Ted patient in his crazy, intense family with a touch of action seeking capabilities and guide him to get supplies that are useful for all leaving behind the unwanted stuff. Every time you open the game you will find yourself in a different scenario from the place to the house you furniture, an apocalypse, everything will be different. New challenges new situations to put up with. Feed food, water, send wasteland expeditions and more. Encounter these havoc and win through the to safely enjoy a calm and relaxing sunset with your loved ones once again.

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60 Seconds! Game System Requirements

CPU: i5-2430M
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 Bit)
VIDEO CARD: Nvidia GT 540


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